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Training Introduction Video

If you would like to view our short video introduction to our training modules, please click on the link below.

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How it Works?

Online Service

Component 1: Training

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes per training module

Materials: Video, audio, case studies, theory and international guidelines, all delivered in a pre-recorded video format

The training modules can be viewed online through a simple link. CWP encourages you to view all training modules at your own pace and sequence and from wherever you feel comfortable and focused. During the coaching sessions the CWP coach may suggest a specific training depending on your context and challenges.

Online Service

Component 2: Assessment

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes per assessment

Materials: Online questionnaire using ratings and CWP feedback report

Each training module is accompanied by an assessment to be completed after the training. In the assessment you shares your analysis of the company´s situation and context in relation to each training topic. As such, there are no right or wrong answers as it concerns your interpretation of the situation and context. When completed, the CWP coach will provide you a feedback report which will be the basic starting point for the coaching.

Online Service

Component 3: Coaching

Duration: Minimum of 6 months, flexible frequency 30 minute or 60 minute sessions according to your schedule

Materials: CWP coach, online calendar scheduling, Skype or phone

During the online coaching sessions you may discuss anything related to your company´s social license to operate. In the first session introductions are made and the goals and agenda for coaching are set.

We are consultant coaches, meaning we provide advice, help process the information available, support strategising and provide materials such as templates, best practises and interesting readings. We cannot give any legal advice. Whilst coaching sessions may be motivational and interesting, the objective is always to achieve practical and concrete results.

We have flexible timetables in order to serve you in all time zones.

Online Service

Benefits of Online Service

  • At ones´ own pace and schedule
  • Follow up assessment & coaching
  • Supported learning
  • No travel, learning at the office or at home
  • Value for money

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