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Are you interested in customised support for your company to allow for the maximum level of transparency and in-depth sharing? We are happy, under the strictest non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements naturally, to support you in the following ways:

The assessment provides insight in your companies´ status with regards to non-technical risks and the internal capacity and structure required to obtain and maintain your social license to operate. Two CWP senior consultants assess your company´s situation and context in relation to your social license to operate. This is done through live and online interviews with company staff and desktop research. If agreed, CWP can also interview societal actors. The initial outcomes are presented at the end of the assessment. A written report can be provided upon request.

After you have participated in a classroom training you can sign up for personal on-the-job coaching. During the online coaching sessions you may discuss anything related to your company´s social license to operate. In the first session the goals and agenda for coaching are set. CWP coaches have flexible timetables in order to serve you in all time zones and have an easy-online calendar schedule where you can book your time.

Often we hear that participants of the classroom training wish that their colleagues would have had similar training so that implementation of what has been taught during the training becomes easier. CWP therefore provides in-house team training, customised to your team, your company and your context..

Although we hold the vision that participants should be able to apply what has been taught in the training directly into the day-to-day work, we provide customised team consultancy to help you in the initial phase of implementation.

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