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We work with Businesses, Multilaterals, Governments, Civil Society Organisations and Communities to create Positive Social Change and Sustainable Development.

Community Wisdom Partners (CWP) is specialised in helping companies manage social risks and grasp opportunities in local and global markets. We achieve this by assisting companies to improve their social performance, comply with recognised international norms and progress towards sustainable relationships with relevant external stakeholders.

In increasingly complicated contexts, we bring clear analysis to the individual components of effective social performance such as community consultation, stakeholder engagement, social investment, corporate foundations, grievance mechanisms, resettlement and social management plans. We strive to achieve constructive relationships, based on fairness and equity, which underpin the social license to operate.

We also help companies set up effective internal systems using proven processes and practical tools to respond timely and proactively to societal challenges and opportunities.

Who We Are

Our Services

Our services aim to create a level playing field between all relevant stakeholders leading to sustainable development that fosters the public and the private sector.

What We Do


To ensure managers are equipped to fully engage in development opportunities, Community Wisdom Partners provides business staf training and coaching in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development.

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Community Wisdom Partners provides technical advice to corporations on their social components, ensuring their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy has a societal approach.

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Our philosophy is to make ourselves redundant by training, coaching and technical advice. However, if needed, we can mobilise swiftly to provide intelligent and mature leadership in critical roles during times of change.

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