What We Do

Consulting for
Business & Society

ESG: Environment, Social and Governance. We explore the 'S', the social potential of business and development interventions.

Investors are on the look-out for business opportunities in developing markets. Governments, civil society and local communities strive for development. We help make it happen.

Training & Coaching

Our in-house, customised training and coaching addresses both your internal organisation (its processes and tools), as well as the external aspects of effective engagement with societal actors. Our trainings are highly interactive, include practical exercises and cases, and focus on the challenges of your organisation and business. We use proven concepts, processes and tools from best-practice companies.

Our training prepares your company or project team for a planned business activity with subsequent ´on-the-job´ coaching of team and key members as needed. Have a look at our range of training and coaching services.

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Technical Advice

Good organisations, in whatever sector they work, seek to learn from the experience of qualified specialists from outside. Technical assistance, when properly delivered, is a cost-effective way to drive improved operational performance, which reinforces a learning culture within the organisation.

Technical advice can mean holding workshops with key staff on specialised subjects; preparing CSR strategies and policies; mentoring staff on technical skills and developing leadership potential. With humour, patience and tact, we help your organisation to understand the connections between public and private drivers, and social and commercial aspects of doing business.

Community Development

Interim Management

Our philosophy is to make ourselves redundant by training, coaching and technical advice. However, if needed, we can mobilise swiftly to provide intelligent and mature leadership in critical roles during times of change.

We have the experience to manage a transition, or set up the team necessary to deliver a new work-stream. We can recommend personnel structures, recruit or train suitable local staff, design policies and procedures, and ensure a smooth handover to incoming managers. In doing this, we draw on long practical experience of getting things done, and done well, in difficult corners of the developing world.

Community Wisdom Partners offers a broad range of social services, including:

  • Social analysis & impact assessments
  • Stakeholder mapping, analysis & development of engagement plans
  • Social & community investment planning & design
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Baselines, monitoring & evaluation
  • Performance reviews & evaluations
  • Development & implementation of capacity building plans
  • Training, assessment & coaching for business managers
  • Teaching & speaking assignments
  • Strategy & policy advice
  • Drafting discussion papers
  • Case studies & technical briefs

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